The Derriere Garde

By John Michael Cummings

In 1998, this Utne Reader article speculated on what the art world would look like in 2020.

New on Utne Reader: August 2019 #1

by the Editors

Check out the new books featured on this month.

The Ballad of Laura Nelson

By Yolanda Wisher, Poet Laureate of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

Read this poem, based on four photographs of the lynching of Laura Nelson and her son in 1911 near Okemah, Oklahoma.

Would You Repeat That, Please?

By Jean Teller, special to Utne Reader

Hollywood and most moviegoers thrive on sequels, or prequels, or franchises, or …


The Promise of American Poetry

By Bob Hicok

Poetry now is more reflective of the makeup, tensions, desires, and needs of a broader swath of Americans than ever before.

On Fire: The New Opera

By Kevin Simmonds, from World Literature Today

Five meditations on the future of opera.

The Summer of Dead Birds: A Memoir of Love and Loss

By Katie Haegele

Ali Liebegott’s new book circles death like a buzzard.

New on Utne Reader: June 2019 #1

By the editors

See what we’ve been reading this week.

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